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Products for tunnelling, mining and underground construction

Injection/Consolidation/Anchoring Products


A complete range of ready-to-use cementitious mixtures, cement free mixtures and chemical resins for underground injection in different types of rock, soil or concrete structures to improve the properties of the ground, stop water leakages, improve internal cohesion, anchoring, bolting etc.

Technologies for Shotcrete and Concrete Products


Products range from super-plasticizers to accelerators and retarding agents to “accessory” products, dedicated to every type of underground shotcrete and concrete application.

Waterproofing Products


A wide range of waterproofing systems for all water conditions: from synthetic geomembranes and spray-applied waterproofing membranes to complementary products for waterproofing systems.

Rehabilitation Products


Products for renovation, maintenance, repair and waterproofing activities, ready-to-use shotcrete and injection products.

Final Coating and Concrete Protection Products


Finishes for coating underground constructions as protective paints, cementitious mortars and innovative technology for installation of ceramic liners.

Mechanized TBM Tunneling Products


A complete range of products and on-site technical service to support clients throughout all underground projects, from start to finish.

MAPEFIX EP 385/585

MAPEFIX EP 385/585

MAPEFIX EP 385/585

Pure epoxy, resin-based chemical anchor for structural loads. Certified for thre
MAPEFIX EP 385/585

MAPEFIX EP 385/585

Pure epoxy, resin-based chemical anchor for structural loads. Certified for threaded bar, construction bars, core-drilled holes and C2 seismic loads.
Suitable substrates: all solid and perforated substrates such as concrete and concrete derivates, brickwork, mixed masonry, wood and rock.
Recommended penetration technique: drill, hammer drill, core drilling, diamond-tipped tools.
Condition of hole for application: clean, dry, damp, wet or immersed underwater.
Workability time at +20°C: 30 mins.
Final hardening time at +20°C: 10 h (dry substrate), 20 h (wet substrate).
Certified bar diameter: from M8 to M30, from Ø8 to Ø40.
Certification: CE marking; ETA option 1 (anchors in tension and compressed zones); ETA option 7 (fasteners in compressive side); ETA Seismic performance C1 and C2; ETA option REBAR; ETA core drill; reaction to fire.
Application: extrusion gun.
Packaging: 385 ml and 585 ml.
Storage: 24 months at +5°C - +25°C.
For requests for USA and CANADA please send an e-mail
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