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Brenner Basis Tunnel – Erkundung Wolf 1

Florida, Stati Uniti

2011 - 2012
Brenner Basistunnel Gesellschaft BBT


Swietelsky Salzburg

The Brenner Basistunnel is a central section of a high performance center for the railway between Berlin and Palermo, which will primary be used for freight transportation. This construction lot is part of the Brenner Basis Tunnel and consists of 3 tunnels: Tunnel “Padastertal” length :700 meters with a profile of 100 m² Tunnel “Saxen” length: 1.000 meters with a profile of 84 m².These two tunnels will only be used for the construction site traffic. Tunnel Wolf with a profile of 124 m² will be used as exploratory tunnel. Mapei UTT supplied the alkali-free setting accelerator MAPEQUICK 043 FFG SBE.
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