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Underground Technology Construction Products

The Underground Technology Team is MAPEI’s answer to the growing demand from the construction market for a range of products dedicated to underground construction work. 
Thanks to their capacity and investments in their R&D laboratories, and the technical know-how developed in all countries, MAPEI created the dedicated product range “Underground Technology Construction Products”.



Alkali-free flash setting accelerators for shotcrete


Super-plasticizer, hardening accelerating admixtures for precast concrete


Synthetic waterproofing membranes for tunnels and underground works


Wide range of mortars for repairing concrete


Products specifically designed for the protection of cementitious susbtrates


Liquid foaming agents for mechanized tunneling with TBM


Full range of sealants and lubrificants for mechanized tunneling with TBM


Two-component organo-mineral resins for injection
  • Ongoing Project

    Quito Metro- Line 1


    The Line 1 of the Quito metro will consist of a 22.6km tunnel and 13 new stations, in addition to the two already constructed. The Tunnel Boring Machine EPB 'La Guaragua', excavating 1,131m in 30 consecutive days, set a new world record for the mechanized tunnelling excavation. The potential of this project considering: admixtures for pre-cast concrete segments, two-component system, foam and polymers for soil conditioning and greases was near to 10 M€, for a total of 19 km excavation. Mapei UTT is giving technical assistance during the excavation and is supplying foams, polymers together and greases: POLYFOAMER FP/CC: foaming agent based on anionic surfactants with a natural lubricating polymer able to generate a stable foam compatible with every type of soil; MAPEDRILL M1: synthetic liquid polymer soluble in water, used to homogenise the soil and make it cohesive and impermeable; MAPEBLOX/T: tail seal grease that, owing to its consistency, is easily pumpable; The particular formulation of the product, confers to MAPEBLOX/T excellent adhesive properties to all substrate types, rendering it therefore resistant to leaching, even in salt water;MAPEQUICK CBS SYSTEM 1: Liquid retarding admixture with plasticizing effect for injections of cementitious mixes used in back-fill grouting behind the concrete lining in tunnels excavated by means of TBM MAPEQUICK CBS SYSTEM 3: Liquid activator admixture for the injection of cementitious mixes used in back-fill grouting behind the precast concrete segments in tunnels excavated by means of TBM MAPEBENT CBS 4: sodic bentonite for the mix to be used for back-filling in order to fill the gap between segments liner and soil in excavation with TBM and for the mix to be used in tunnelling with Slurry TBMs;
Our job references are the tangible result of more than 20 years of international on-site Underground Construction & Mining experience due to a worldwide network of highly trained and  professional Technical Service. 

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