MAPEI Underground Technology Team

Underground constructions have their own unique character. This is basically due to the complexity during the design phase but, above all, to the severe conditions of the work environment. During the construction phase, therefore, it is necessary to use specialist technicians which are highly reliable and, thanks to their wide experience, capable of facing up to even the most unpredictable situations, to guarantee that the work continues quickly and correctly.

MAPEI Services

The Underground Technology Team (UTT) is the division of MAPEI dedicated to underground works.
When undertaking underground works, it is strongly recommended to work together with highly specialized technicians, who, due to their experience and technical knowledge, are able to handle the most unpredictable situations, thus ensuring the most appropriate technical and economic solution.

The products and technologies manufactured by MAPEI have the goal in mind of completely satisfying every technical requirement of our customers, from applicator to Client.

Ultimately, we would like to underline that every application has to be evaluated case by case, especially in underground activities.
These are typically characterized by extremes which make them different from most other civil works.
For this reason, we always recommend contacting our UTT Technical Service Staff, who are at your complete disposal for meeting you
in your office or directly on the job-site: