Tunnel Pfänder

Location icon Bregenz, Vorarlberg, Austria, Austria
The Pfändertunnel is situated in the western part of Austria, right next to Swiss and Germany. The existing first tube of Pfändertunnel has reached full capacity over the last years. One smoother traffic flow can only be reached by the construction of a second tube.
The Pfändertunnel is the last section of the A 14 motorway Rhein Valley into a modern two-tube tunnel system. The route of the lot Pfändertunnel extends from north to south below the Pfänder Massive over approx. 7 km, where the second tube has a length of 6.6 km.
According to the Austrian standard, the surface of the tunnel walls was protected with our proven system, consisting of MAPECOAT WT, the two-component epoxy-resin filler compound and the resin based paint MAPECOAT TU.
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Location Bregenz, Vorarlberg, Austria, Austria
Built in 2006
Opened in 2012
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Contractor company Alpine Bau GmbH