Anti-abrasive agent for mechanized tunnelling

Where to use
Mapedrill F.R.A. 01 is used specifically in tunnels and excavations through rock where highly abrasive rock will rapidly wear down drilling tolls.
Mapedrill F.R.A. 01 formulation has been developed to reduce wear on moving mechanical parts during the tunnelling phases. Friction is reduced between the moving mechanical parts and the material being excavated. Consequently there is a decrease in the heat development, therefore, the temperature is reduced and the drilling tools are preserved.
Mapedrill F.R.A. 01, due to its anti-abrasive properties, reduces the number of TBM interventions necessary for replacement, face wear and time. Consequently the tunnelling operation becomes safer.
Mapedrill F.R.A. 01 significantly reduces dust formation during the tunnelling phase.
Mapedrill F.R.A. 01 is injected through the air lines or through specific ground conditioning lines, but only after reaching a foaming consistency. For this purpose it is necessary to use a foam generator (i.e. the ones the EPBs are typically quipped with).

The dosage depends on the rock geo-mechanical characteristics, tunnelling conditions and on the eventual presence of water.
Our laboratory is available for assessing the dosage of Mapedrill F.R.A. 01 with the soil types met during tunnelling. To make the best use of Mapedrill F.R.A. 01 it is recommended to contact our “Underground Technology Team” technical service to verify and improve the characteristics, according to the local application conditions.

Mapedrill F.R.A. 01 is available in 25 and 200 kg drums and 1000 kg mega drums.

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