Pumping aid admixture for concretes

Where to use
Mapestart 1 has to be mixed with water. Add 20-35 l of water for each bag (nearly 225 g) of Mapestart 1.
The quantity of Mapestart 1, i.e. the number of the necessary bags, depends on the dimensions of the pump and on the length of the pipes through which the concrete is pumped.
Mapestart 1 can be easily mixed with water through the pumping system (mixer, exchanger and pistons). The concrete can be pumped after empting the tank from the water mixed with Mapestart 1.

The consumption varies according to the characteristics of the pump (dimensions and power) and to the pumping line (length and structure). In order to optimize the use of Mapestart 1 it is advisable to contact our technical service Underground Technology Team to evaluate and verify the application conditions on the job site.

Mapestart 1 is available in plastic bags of about 225 g.

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